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Betsy Tolmer


CO-Founder & Director

Betsy's background

I have had an eclectic career, from working in Event Production, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Education and Career Consulting and I have even worked for Santa himself with project managing installation of Christmas Trees all over the city. In all my roles people have always been at the core, and my passion and purpose was finally realised when I started working on MiniBOSS and Tripod to connect young people with great learning experiences.

Fun fact about Betsy

I have two beautiful British Bulldogs that I’m obsessed with named Freddie Mercury and Elton John.

Betsy's favourite incursion

I simply can’t pick one, they are all my favourite, every time I run The Lab I say that The Lab is my fave, but then I will run a Create IT and I will say no, no, Create IT is my fave! I think they are all so unique and different every time we run them because the input of the students and that is my favourite thing that so much of the day is about who is in the room!

Why Betsy likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

For sooooooo many reasons! The team that I am a part of, the endless hours of being creative, no day is the same, working with so many schools, getting to be a part of the education industry at a truly innovative and exciting time, working with young people, making an impact and getting to see it LIVE!!!
Marita D'amico


CO-Founder & Director

Marita's background

With a love for business and travel, I have started and run businesses and ventures in Australia and overseas since university where I specialised in Marketing and Economics. Being curious and enjoying a challenge, I spent seven years based in Shanghai and Beijing running several joint ventures, projects and high profile events with Chinese, UK and European organisations. I have been a member of the Australia China Business Council, AustCham Beijing and also participated in the SME Working Group in Education in Beijing. Returning to Australia four years ago, I became passionate about helping young Australians gain the skills they need to succeed in whatever they do at home and as global citizens.

Fun fact about Marita

Still uses chopsticks to eat most meals!
Involved in publishing two books (in English & Mandarin) and a TV documentary.

Marita's favourite incursion

I have so many favourites! I love working with the team to bring all our programs to life and to continue to shape and change them to connect them with key learning outcomes for students.

Why Marita likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

Getting to be ultimately creative and utilise all the skills I have built throughout my diverse career to develop and deliver meaningful programs with a team of talented people.



National Marketing Director

Tasha's background

I’m a qualified counsellor completing a postgraduate degree in Sexology. I’ve been working in respectful relationships and facilitated groups with young people dealing with domestic violence for over ten years. Before that, I worked in advertising and film in the UK, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2023, the stars aligned and it all culminated in where I am today and I couldn’t be happier.

Fun fact about Tasha

Oysters for starters. Oysters for main course. Oysters for dessert.

Tasha's favourite incursion

I might be a bit biased but it has to be Talk NOW! 😉

Why Tasha likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

Where do I start?! I’ve finally found my tribe and we have so much fun creating, producing and delivering programs that really are making a difference in the world. There’s never a dull moment; everyone rolls up their sleeves, jumps in, and supports each other. It’s my dream job, doing what I love with a bunch of super-talented people.



Program Manager

Em's background

I am currently studying to become a registered counsellor! I love learning more about the mind-body connection and the vital importance of mental wellness. I love working with young people of all backgrounds and abilities. I have been in a wild mix of roles including facilitating, workshop leading, program coordinating and media/marketing. I also have experience in performance, volunteering and even massage! 

Fun fact about Em

I have 2 wobble head cats, Aurora and Fiyero who are the most soulful, cheeky and adorable little creatures!

Em's favourite incursion

Wow what a tough question – I love them all! I do have a soft spot for 2 MiniBOSS incursions: Create It and Crack It. Create It brings out the most amazing creative potential in the students and Crack It is a wonderful space for the students to build on their resilience skills! The growth you see from students in all our programs in such a short period of time is the real magic of it all!

Why Em likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

Empowering young people to take the lead, speak up, be creative and work with their peers is priceless! It is an honour to work with future leaders of the world (regardless of their career path) and be playful at my job! Mix this with a passionate team of individuals, what a place to be!




Lisa's background

In another life I was going to be a Psychologist, but I ended up following my heart and went to drama school instead (which is what I really wanted!) Whilst studying acting, I also discovered another passion…teaching! I went on to complete a ‘Masters of Teaching’ through the University of Melbourne. I love working with young people (and being kept on my toes!) and so I have worked as a professional facilitator, mostly in schools, for the last five years. Just incase I didn’t have enough facets to my career, I also work as a freelance voice and dialect coach and am a qualified marriage celebrant. Let’s just say, I like to keep things interesting!

Fun fact about Lisa

I once played a season of badminton… I was terrible but my team did make it to the grand final! I was definitely the weakest link!

Lisa's favourite incursion

So many favourites… however, I think my favourite is ‘The Pitch’. It is such valuable content for the Year 9 and 10 age group, and I wish I had have had the program when I was in high school! I love seeing the students grow in confidence over the course of the day.

Why Lisa likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

I love working for MiniBoss/ Tripod as not only do the programs teach extremely valuable skills for young people, they are also super fun and engaging! Each program challenges yet supports students to develop, and gain confidence and resilience. I also love working with such a supportive team!




Natalie's background

I’m a qualified teacher with over 7 years in the sector. I’m currently undertaking my Master’s of Education by Research. I’m passionate about revolutionising the educative experience and listening to student voice.

Fun fact about Natalie

Well I do a bit of COMEDY! Can you believe it!?! I’ve been through several terms of improvisation classes, and sketch comedy training at the Improv Conspiracy in Melbourne. I can’t believe it!!

Natalie's favourite incursion

Although ‘The Lab’ is up there, I cherish so many program moments. When I walk around a space and see students actively engaged in hands on, fun and exciting experiences, I know I am where I need to be. Learning is so powerful in these moments.

Why Natalie likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

Our Team are collectively some of the most passionate, intelligent and funny people. The work I am doing is valuable, every day is different, and I’m forever learning (like all people should).


Senior Facilitator

Scott's background

Coming from an acting background, I have toured the country with shows and incursions performing and facilitating to a lot of diverse people. I learnt how to walk at a young age and being left handed, it took a long time to get my pen licence, as I would never pass the smudge test. 

Fun fact about Scott

Favourite TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Just amazing. Loved the fights, and characters. Which is part of the reason i became an actor and Stage Fighter! Swords are cool. 

Scott's favourite incursion

My favourite program is the senior Tripod program The Pitch. I love how involved the students get and how many insightful and intriguing the questions they ask are. They really enjoy it and its always a great fun fulfilling day. 

Why Scott likes working for MiniBOSS/Tripod

I love working with this company because the people are fabulous. The job is great and so rewarding, however for me, its the people. The staff, the teachers, the students. I love human interaction, and being able to do what we do with such fantastic people is what gets me up in the morning. That and me hitting the snooze button 12 times. 

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