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We design, create and deliver specialist incursions and programs for primary and secondary schools in both the public and private sectors. Our wide range of face-to-face and online programs drive positive learning outcomes by meeting the ever evolving needs of schools, teachers and students of all ages. 

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We also design, create and deliver specialist programs for vacation care providers, the not-for-profit sector as well as organisations such as Headspace, YMCA and The Royal Children’s Hospital.

We have worked with 100s of teachers, over 290 schools and organisations and more than 80,000 students of all ages. We have over 20 incursions and programs to choose from, including online programs for both primary and secondary school students.

Our programs align with multiple areas of the Victorian and Australian Curriculums and have a strong focus on capabilities and student agency. Programs range from 60 minutes to multiple days for individual year levels as well as whole of school programs and events.

Real World Learning

Our programs have been designed to achieve a range of essential ‘real world’ learning outcomes for young people from Foundation (prep) to year 12 including; 

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Criticial Thinking

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Problem Solving

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Presentation Skills

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Digital Literacy

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Financial Literacy

NEW…The Smoothie Bar:
2-Day Carnival! 

The 2-Day program truly immerses your students in a ‘real world’ learning extravaganza, allowing them to build an event for your school community as they create the ultimate trade show experience for younger students, parents and teachers.

We support programs with an Enterprise Education focus because they support and develop important skills in young people including:

Enterprising behaviours, capabilities and skills

Positive awareness and attitudes

Strong teacher and student engagement

Enhanced life skills

Career opportunities

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Schools and Organisations We Work With:

Aitken College

Al Iman College

Alamanda College

Alphington Primary School

Amsleigh Park Primary School


What are teachers and students saying?

The 'In My Community' program was well received by our students. They particularly enjoyed the 60 second pitch and the public awareness campaign where they were required to come up with a unique sharable product in a limited timeframe.


Primary School. Program: In My Community

Just wanted to let you know the Year Sixes had the best time today. We had really great feedback from the kids and their reflections in their science books showed just how much they learned. Thanks heaps.

Here's some student feedback also:

I had so much fun learning more about reactions in science and making our own bath bombs, I can't wait to take it home to show my mum.


Primary School. Program: The Lab
The reflection and sharing was really helpful for our leadership discussions we’re having at the moment. We’d definitely get you guys back.


Primary School. Program: Lead It
Thanks so much. All the kids had such a wonderful time! You were all excellent and we were super impressed with the facilitators' engagement and excitment with the kids. Feedback was excellent from all involved and there was lots of praise for the focus on teamwork and ways the kids could deal with issues they were having. Once again, thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Primary School. Program: Create It

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