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We design, create and deliver specialist incursions and programs for primary and secondary schools. Our wide range of programs deliver curriculum-driven learning outcomes and meet the ever-evolving needs of schools, teachers and students. 

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Introducing our new…

Vaping Prevention Program

Delivered via our new online platform empowering educators to facilitate crucial conversations.

Vaping—it’s everywhere these days. But do we really know what we’re getting into? Let’s talk about the science behind it, the health risks, and the addictive side of things. By understanding the facts, we can help students make informed choices about their health and steer clear of potential dangers.

To find out more, give us a call on 03 9415 6327, or CLICK HERE for more details.

“I think this program really helped me understand the cause and effects of vaping and I learnt about so many ways to avoid it.”

” I think it was great I learnt so much I did not know and it taught me to learn how to make good choices” – Year 6 students


What are teachers and students saying?

Thank YOU so much for running this fabulous program for the school. We absolutely love it as do the students. One comment that stands out in my mind from a student was “Why couldn’t we do 3 days of Smoothie Bar?” !!  Keep doing what you’re doing as it is SO WORTHWHILE for the students, in ways that are too numerous to mention!!

The Smoothie Carnival


The facilitators were incredibly engaging, kind, and thoughtful. Their activities and explanations were perfectly executed for our classes, and we all had an exceptional time. We’ve seen a change in our students’ approach to their school environment, as well as how they communicate with their peers, using their superpowers. We are very eager to book the incursion in the future. Thank you again for a wonderful incursion.
Teacher Primary School

PROGRAM: The Superhero In You

The incursion was amazing. Lauren was so engaging and the children were enthused right from the word go. They learnt so much while enjoying the activities and creating some amazing smoothies. The day was very well structured and the variety of activities catered to the different learning styles of the children. It was one of the best incursions both Year 5 teachers have been involved in. We were as engaged as the children in all the activities.
The Smoothie Bar Junior

PROGRAM: The Smoothie Bar

I can’t thank you enough for an outstanding day with Twig, Leila and Pam. They were phenomenal!
Twig is a natural-born leader, entertainer, engager, organiser, and guide who mixes everything with humour and compassion. We were mesmerised by their talent and leadership. We have a particular student who can be very challenging. Twig managed him with encouragement, patience and respect. They included him in every moment and built a beautiful bond and relationship with him. He was actively engaged the whole day, which is a rare occurrence.
Every student received so much from the day. They were challenged but also had moments of success and times to shine. The whole day was organised with precision and ran smoothly.



The ‘In My Community’ program was well received by our students. They particularly enjoyed the 60 second pitch and the public awareness campaign where they were required to come up with a unique sharable product in a limited timeframe.
Teacher Primary School

PROGRAM: In My Community

Just wanted to let you know the Year Sixes had the best time today. We had really great feedback from the kids and their reflections in their science books showed just how much they learned. Thanks heaps.
Here’s some student feedback also:
I had so much fun learning more about reactions in science and making our own bath bombs, I can’t wait to take it home to show my mum.
Teacher Primary School


The reflection and sharing was really helpful for our leadership discussions we’re having at the moment. We’d definitely get you guys back.
Teacher Primary School


Thanks so much. All the kids had such a wonderful time! You were all excellent and we were super impressed with the facilitators’ engagement and excitement with the kids. Feedback was excellent from all involved and there was lots of praise for the focus on teamwork and ways the kids could deal with issues they were having. Once again, thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Teacher Primary School


6 Reasons to Choose Miniboss & Tripod

We deliver engaging incursions to develop real world capabilities and skills for students of all ages.


Critical Capabilities and Skills

Including key skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, creativity and more.

Positive Awareness

Driving Positive Attitudes

Our programs help develop better mental health which is essential for any school.

Student Teacher

Engaged Student Learning

Less passive learning and more fun, engaged and inclusive learning.

Life Skills

Enhanced Life Skills

Including listenting, awareness, communication, presentations and more.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Helping high school students with career opportunities and preparing for work.


Experienced, Fun Team

Our engaged, fun team are what makes the difference. Enquire to find out more.

Junior Incursions

Under the banner of “Miniboss” we provide engaging incursions for children from prep to year 6 of primary school. See some of our programs below and click the button below to see our full range of junior incursions.

Incursion package

The Superhero in YOU MiniBOSS Incursions Team Building Program1-2

The Superhero In You

This incursion helps students understand and activate the power of positive impact.

Years: F-6
Available in VIC

Incursion package

Crack It

Crack It!

Students compete through a series of exciting challenges designed to suit all abilities.

Years: 3-6
Available in VIC

Incursion package

The Lab

The Lab

Explore the world of chemical sciences. It’s time to become mad scientists!

Years: 3-6
Available in VIC

Senior Incursions

Under the banner of “Tripod Enterprise Education” we provide engaging incursions for children from year 7 to 12 of secondary school. See some of our programs below and click the button below to see our full range of senior incursions.

Incursion package

The Smoothie Bar

The Smoothie Bar

A 1-2 Day experience that challenges and immerses students into the world of enterprise.

Years: 7-9
Available in VIC

Incursion package


The Pitch

Students explore the world of work and the enterprise skills they will need for future success.

Years: 9-10
Available in VIC

Incursion package

In My Community

The Brief

Students dive into a real-world BRIEF, challenging them to create and showcase an innovative solution.

Years: 7-12
Available Nationally

Curriculum Focused Learning

Our incursions are designed to achieve critical real world learning outcomes for young people as per the Victoria Curriculum. These include:

Critical Thinking

Criticial Thinking



teamwork icon


problem solving icon

Problem Solving



Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

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Aitken College

Al Iman College

Alamanda College

Alphington Primary School

Amsleigh Park Primary School

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