Encourage Curiosity and Foster Deeper Learning Through Mini BOSS Science Incursions in Melbourne

How can you make your lessons feel real to your students? It’s a question many teachers struggle with, even those working in inquiry-based learning environments. Translating concepts into real-world applications is an essential part of preparing young minds for the world ahead. That’s why hands on science workshops, such as those delivered in Mini BOSS science incursions in Melbourne, provide such exciting opportunities for achieving broad learning goals.

We base these hands on science incursions on the principles of enterprise education, which focus on lessons for kids that incorporate skills such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and the basics of entrepreneurship. However, all our workshops adapt easily for schools of any kind, from STEM-focused curricula to other, more generalised approaches. Mini BOSS transforms our successful and unique incursions into experiences perfectly suited for primary school.

Students not only have the chance to reinforce their learning through science incursions in Melbourne but also to develop methods of thinking that make it simpler to link their classroom learning with real-life applications. By translating concepts into an actual experience, students gain valuable independence and begin to hone the ability to “self-start,” essential for achieving their own personal goals. All of this occurs in a framework of fun and exciting learning with their peers!

Find out more about pricing, availability, and how our science workshops can have a positive impact on your classroom today. To get in touch, fill out our online contact page, or send an email directly to tripod@drivenoutcomes.com.

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