Laying Future Foundations with Team Building Workshops for Primary School Students

Teamwork and the ability to coordinate problem-solving with one another is a core part of just about every workplace, no matter your industry. How do you teach those skills through a book-based lesson, though? It’s not easy — in fact, it can be downright tricky. Why not offer your students the chance to undertake some hands-on learning opportunities custom designed for primary school children? Mini BOSS delivers team building workshops for primary schools that can set the stage for future successes.

For kids, our team building incursions seem more like a day of fun activities than anything else. We built our school workshops to teach critical thinking and the ability to access one’s knowledge to develop solutions to unique problems. We seldom work alone in a real job, though, and that is why we also go further to offer problem solving incursions to Melbourne schools. In all these workshops for primary schools, students focus on working together to solve a common problem we use to challenge them.

With experienced providers who all hold current Working With Children Checks in Melbourne, each problem solving program for kids features excellent delivery methods that map easily to your existing curriculum. The result is that students can take the first steps towards independent and group-based problem solving, learning skills that will increase their value in the workplace for life.

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