Tripod’s adaption to the online education world

Hey everyone, my name is Cara and I am currently a Facilitator with the team at Tripod and MiniBOSS. This has been a pretty rough year for everyone but I’m so glad that Tripod have been able to adapt and thrive in the online and virtual world, compared with my experience studying at university. For a little bit of background, I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in medical sciences at one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and top universities in the scientific sector, however, my online COVID experience has left me a little disappointed, with a less than smooth shift to the online format and almost a sense of defeat amongst the community.

Although it all still seems a little gloomy, through witnessing Tripod’s online shift, I can clearly say there is hope for online education! Tripod have set the bar high, which has allowed them to flourish in the online education sector. A major difference would definitely be the attention to detail applied to each and every program through not only the tailored resources provided to suit the needs of each individual school, but also in the actual delivery of the programs with the facilitators taking care of each and every aspect, allowing a hassle free, inclusive and fun environment for students and teachers.

Another personal touch of Tripod’s online programs which I personally resonated with was their scheduling and allocation for short “power” breaks throughout the day. Never in our lives have we spent more time glued to our screens so by creating some small breaks to stretch throughout the day, I’ve definitely felt myself and the students be more engaged in the program and ultimately we have a fun filled day without feeling too knackered by the excessive screen time.

Finally, the sheer level of resilience demonstrated by the Tripod team sets them a cut above the rest. I’m no stranger to lecturers having technical troubles and just calling it quits for the day, however, here at Tripod the team demonstrates resilience on a daily basis through each little technological hiccup they encounter. Yes, you’re correct in saying that delivering a program via Zoom with up to 200 students is a scary experience for anyone, but the team here at Tripod know how to promote and utilise resilience to promote a good example for students in this era of online education. Whether your internet cuts out or your camera is broken, or simply the technology gods are just not working in your favour that day, the Tripod team work to overcome this adversity and ultimately deliver a fun, engaging and educational program every time.

Check out my favourite new online Tripod program, The Virtual Studio.


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